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WTAE Hearst Pittsburgh has been a partner for growth-minded brands for over 60 years. In that time, we've seen tremendous changes in technology, in consumer behavior, and in our region. Even with all of this change, our philosophy remains:

Advertisers who understand their audience and position their brand accordingly win in the market.

Once a year, we partner with the consumer research experts at Elevate to bundle their signature in-depth and customized Brand Study program with a WTAE media plan for a small number of local businesses that want to optimize their branding efforts and connect to their target audience.

Participating organizations receive: 

Brand Study

An in-depth and actionable brand assessment based on customized  local consumer research studies

Activation Consultations

Recommendations to fine-tune messaging, understand path-to-purchase and accelerate growth 

Custom Media Plan

Commercial production and placements on Hearst Pittsburgh's television and digital inventory 

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