3 Marketing Tips During Covid-19 (after 6+ weeks)

Updated: May 4, 2020

Uncertain times lead to confusion. Many businesses have been struggling with upholding their marketing message in this moment of crisis. Do we keep a presence? Do we stay off the air? What message should I put out? Will people remember us? Here are 3 things businesses should remember as we begin to move OUT of this pandemic.


1. If you’ve been “dark” – find the light!

If your business decided to stop advertising at the early stages of the pandemic – you better move fast or you risk being left behind. Many companies continued to stay in front of consumers, albeit with a different message, to stay “top of mind”.

2. Reassess your creative message

Consumers react strongly to visual advertising. Brands must be cognizant how their advertising is being portrayed. After many weeks of “feel good” commercials and emphasis on “being in this together”, it may be time to strike a stronger message. You can (and should) now start to balance between the “new reality” and positioning your product/service a little more aggressively.

3. Leverage a captive audience

People are still at home and will be for a while. Identify specific media that is seeing a surge in audience and talk to that larger audience. In many cases there is a dichotomy between the larger audience and the demand to reach that audience. Normally, a larger audience demands higher priced advertising. That is not necessarily true – for now.

But advertisers should move quickly. At some point, the demand will start to come back in all media and prices will begin to stabilize. It’s a lot like buying the stocks that are currently undervalued. It will maximize your Return on Investment.

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