Taglines and Why They Matter

When you think “Just Do It” does a certain symbol pop into your head? When you hear “What’s in your wallet”, do you know what company I'm referencing? If either of those two phrases resonate with you, Nike and Capital One have captured your attention. Creating a powerful slogan to include in your branding isn’t rocket science. It can start with a brain storming session, a consultation with a freelance writer, or a little research.

When creating your business’s slogan, ask yourself these three key questions:

What makes my business unique?

Sure, there may be another business in your market that provides a similar service to yours but what can you offer that the competitor cannot? It could be your business's values, your grade A customer service, or your unbeatable prices. If the tagline that you come up with can be applied to your competitors’ brand, toss it and try something new. Try to communicate your tagline in five words or less so it rolls off the tongue.

Is my tagline self-explanatory?

We remember taglines that make sense. Skittle's "Taste the Rainbow" clearly applies to a colorful food product, not a repair shop. Test for simplicity by asking your friends and family if they understand what your company does after they see or hear your tagline. Using unnecessary language in your tagline will only lose your audience.

Can it survive the test of time?

It can be hard to resist using hip slang in your tagline. Just because a phrase or acronym is trendy today does not mean that it will be trendy tomorrow. If you are a technology company avoid using words like “only”. Technology changes in the blink of an eye and your slogan can be left in the past.

Always choose evergreen language that makes sense.

If you are having trouble coming up with a tagline for your business don't sweat it. Valuable branding takes time! In the meantime, it’s important to watch your competition closely, take notes, and begin to answer the three questions stated above.