Digital Advertising; It's Here to Stay

What do today’s American citizens all have in common? Whether it be while stopped at a red light, crossing the street, working in the office, or out to dinner with friends….everyone has their face in technology. Even in the TV industry, as viewers watch their favorite shows, their tablets and phones are at arm’s reach - ready to learn more about your product/service!


The Massive Reach of Digital

“Digital” used to be a luxury for a company but look around at your customers - where are they spending their time? The internet. According to Pew Research, 81% of Americans use the internet EVERY DAY. The average American spends over 24 hours per week on the internet while younger adults spend even more time, averaging about 50 hours. In 2014 companies in the U.S. spent over 10 percent of their total revenue on digital marketing, according to a Gartner Survey. The survey also found that 51 percent of the companies who participated in digital were pleased with their results and even planned to increase their digital budgets by 17 percent as a result.

What is Digital Advertising?

In order to promote products and services, clients can buy space on specific websites to advertise their services. Companies selling the advertisements can do extensive research on their client’s desired demographics, geographical fencing, and more, to calculate the perfect audience for their client. Thus advertising the client’s product in the most sufficient and adequate way.

Digital advertising uses internet-based analysis tools to research, track, and even manage internet campaigns designed for your company. The welfare of digital, is that it is client specific.

Some (but not all) of the useful outcomes of Digital Advertising include:

  • Generate leads

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Accumulate More Customers

  • Make More Sales

  • Get customers to spend more

How Can Digital Benefit MY Business?

The best way to approach “digital”is to always remember that just because someone is looking at an iPhone screen instead of say, a 50-inch TV screen, it’s still just a person with wants, needs,and money to spend with YOUR business. A good digital professional will work with you on these key points to promise maximum results:


What is your customer doing online as they are considering your product? Are they researching a lot? Do you have something that lends itself to fun where you need to break up their day with cool things on social media? Is there information you can provide for free that will lead to a relationship and ultimately a sale? A digital pro will start with YOUR customer first.


Do you have a great website or app that will drive more leads if we drive quality traffic to it? How do you currently connect with people online - and do you have a way of capturing their information either via email or social media so you can market them later? Does your product or service lend itself more to direct sales or branding that leads to sales - or is it a combination of both?

Too Good to Be True?

Digitization is simple. As the client, you tell your advertiser what you want, and where you want it, and let digital do the rest! It seems so easy (because it is). Online marketing is well thought out and executed to target the exact audience the client desires, to maximize brand awareness.

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