Do You (REALLY) Know Your Customer?

Identifying your customer is critical to knowing how best to influence them (through your marketing) to purchase your product or service. However, only a small percent of businesses are effectively doing so.


Demographic Destruction

Demographics relate to structures of populations. In the advertising world, we commonly hear “we’re trying to attract Adults 25-54”. In case you haven’t noticed, that “demo” covers just about everyone: Men, Women, every race, religion, political belief, rich, poor, college educated, trade-specialist, tech-savvy, “old school”, so on and so on. But who is your REAL customer?

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Psychographics

In market research, psychographics are used to classify people based on attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria. Thus, dividing markets into groups which will reflect patterns of living and daily needs. Individuals who fall into the same demographic group don't necessarily fall into the same psychographic group -- prospects might have different habits, interests, preferences, and values that make them unique in how marketers should target them. A 25 year old paying off college debt and working their first job has very different interests and needs than a 52 year old with children in college, a mortgage payment. Demographics explain “who” your buyer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy. Correctly identifying your psychographic AND demographic goal will result in the most effective advertising (How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide).

Identifying your Clients

Pinpointing your clientele is key. Let’s say you have a business in the northern suburbs of Allegheny County (just outside of Pittsburgh) that sells some sort of Home Improvement product/service. It would be crucial to figure out who exactly would buy your products. Here is a snippet of what you might want to know about those neighborhoods:

Please don’t target “Adults 25-54”! Just the graph above shows you deeper demographics for your specific trading area. Nearly half (47.1%) of the Northern Allegheny County population fall into what we call “Affluent Estates – Professional Pride” Lifemodes.

  • Well-educated career professionals

  • Longer than average commute times

  • Schedules are fine-tuned to meet the needs of school age children

  • Financially savvy

  • Average net worth (nationally) $1.6 million

  • Newer homes – upgrading when necessary … finished basements with home gyms

  • Very tech savvy

  • For all the details click here

So, what to make of all this?

The advertiser must craft a specific message that resonates with their specific audience. Make sure images and words reflect the latest tech, shows families in nice cars/houses and (above all else) has a good call to action. This cohort is all about action.

Not sure how to pull all this off? We can help: