How to Seek and Keep Customers in a Digital Age

Being a digital company, you’d think Hearst would mention futuristic tools in digital adverting to their customers. “Invest in artificial intelligence and broadcast your footage on Facebook and Instagram,” might be the advice that you would expect from a mass media company but we refuse to give that advice.

Trendy tools like AI, social media automation, and influencer marketing may not be the best way to find new customers. All of these platforms can send information and even give information but they should never be used to substitute the old school business methods that were used before the digital age.

Before investing in any new age business-generation technology, try asking your customers these questions and consider how they would answer them:

How did you first hear about my business?

Before you made the first call, what kind of research did you do, if any on my business?

What did you wish that you knew before you became a customer that you found out afterword’s?

These questions could technically be asked of ANY customer, but it is best to have these conversations with your best customers because it’s likely that you have a relationship with them.

Find out how they found you, how you’re keeping them and identify some area that your business can shore up on operationally.

When your best customers found your business, did they do any prior research and if so where? Asking this question can be a great way to decide if you should invest in Search Engine Optimization or target and update social media pages.

Use the final question to improve your business internally and externally. If your customers are not fully satisfied with their product or service, find ways to resolve the issue. Reward your best customers for their feedback and look internally for answers. Asking your employees this question in a slightly different format can give you even more insight on what kind of service your customers are receiving.

You might be surprised by what you find through using this old school business tactic. Remember, engagement with your best customers will result in real growth, even if only minimal feedback occurs.