Lifestyles of Allegheny County

You may already know that Allegheny County is the largest county in the Pittsburgh Designated Market Area (DMA) with a population of 1,221,744 and a median age of 43.2. And you might also know that Allegheny’s median household income is $65,128. But do you know what type of people live in the county? The type of car they drive, their financial outlook or the kind of food they prefer? With ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentation data you can discover a wealth of information about your customers.

Allegheny County’s top three Tapestry Segments, or lifestyle groups, are Comfortable Empty Nesters, Midlife Constants, and Rustbelt Traditions. Interesting insights about each group:

· Comfortable Empty Nesters – Representing 113,386 Allegheny County adults, they are most likely still living in the suburbs where they grew up. Activities include golfing, skiing, bicycling and they enjoy watching sports on TV

o 87% homeowners

o $203,400 median home value

· Midlife Constants – Mostly married, middle aged adults looking towards retirement. They prefer to buy American and drive SUVs and trucks. They watch country and movie channels on TV.

o 73% homeowners

o $154,100 median home value

· Rustbelt Traditions – A mix of married-couple families and singles living in older single-family homes. Median age is 39. They get gas at convenience stores and enjoy eating at Applebee’s. For entertainment they watch A&E on TV, participate in online gaming, and listen to classic rock.

o 71% homeowners

o $123,400 median home value

To gain a deeper understanding of the residents within your business’s trade area, whether a zip code, county or 15-minute drive from your store, please email Hearst Pittsburgh's Digital Sales Manager Jeff Biletnikoff and he’ll be in touch.