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Research Services

In today's fragmented media landscape, defining and finding quality audiences has never been more critical or more challenging. 

With in-house research capabilities, we are here as a strategic partner to assist in exploring your market and connecting you to your ideal customers.

Learn more about how we delve into business challenges, leverage our local expertise, flex our analytical muscles, and optimize your advertising strategy.

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Market Insights

With our research toolbox, including Marshall Marketing, Nielsen Media Research, ESRI Business Analyst and Media Monitors, we can analyze your competitive landscape, understand your ideal customers' habits, preferences, and motivations, and even identify untapped market segments.


Data Collection

Partner with us to customize Marshall Marketing's local consumer surveys that track market changes and identify trends, using proprietary survey tools and discussions with advertisers.  

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Tailor-Made Reports

We craft and deliver thorough, actionable reports designed to help you fine-tune your advertising strategy, activate campaigns with confidence, and boost ROI.

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